The Next Generation of Indoor Positioning Hardware

Introducing Pure Locate, low cost, Bluetooth beacon + wifi enterprise grade indoor positioning hardware and open SDK for integration into any indoor positioning and mapping solution.

Pure Locate™

Wifi + Bluetooth Plug-and-Play Location Basestations

Pure Tags

Long Range Bluetooth Beacons For Every Asset Type

Pure has developed the next-generation of low cost, short-range warehouse, tracking solutions.

Our Pure Locate™ solution uses a combination of Smart Phones and Wifi “base stations” that are continually connecting to long lasting “iBeacons” affixed to inventory and assets.

As the iBeacons move between in-warehouse and mobile base stations, their locations are constantly reported back to a central tracking platform for robust, real-time reporting.

Understanding The Pure Solution

As tags move within range of a base station their location is immediately reported
Adding additional base stations increase the precision of being able to locate each tag
All telemetry data can be accessed via our SDK and integrated into your custom solution.
Each base station can simultaneously connect to 50 - 200 tags

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Base Stations
  • Extremely fast, easy, and low cost installation and maintenance
  • Constant power from AC plug (No Batteries)
  • 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection to server (No wires)
  • Passive BLE scanning of any BLE beacon
  • Pass-through AC Plug, doesn't take your outlet
  • WiFi and BLE configurable
  • Compatible with third-party iBeacon devices
  • Remote OTA firmware updates
Bluetooth Tags
  • Three to five year battery life
  • Fast update rate up to 1 second
  • Remote and on the Fly Customization of BLE beacons
Telemetry SDK
  • Secure MQTT back-hall
  • Full REST API for access to filtered or raw data via client ERP solutions
  • Secure MQTT raw sensor feeds for custom applications
  • Decawave UWB upgradable
  • BLE Gateway: Remote GATT master emulation
  • iBeacon/Eddystone Gateway
  • Deployable anywhere. SaaS Cloud, Self hosted Cloud, and Private Networks
  • Docker, Google cloud, AWS compatible.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

To maximize precision, we recommend a base station every 10 - 15m (30 - 45”).

Not sure how many you need? We’re happy to help.

Need a more customized quote? Let us know.

Want to try it out?

We actually prefer it if you try before committing to make sure this solution is right for you, so we offer an evaluation kit that includes two base stations and five tags, plus complete platform access for 30 days for only $199.99.

If you're interested in getting an eval kit, send us a note.

Pure Locate™ Technical Specs

  • Supported Android 4.3+ system
  • Support 802.11b/g 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi
  • US 115V 60Hz 15A AC 3-prong Type B electrical socket
  • Compatible with any static unique MAC address based BLE device.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth Tags. Third-party tags are fully supported, but are not guaranteed. Further details are available upon request.
  • CE & FCC Certifications in progress
  • Max Range 50 meters in the open space.
  • The final range depends on the environment
  • Recommend 1 Plug per room/office, or per 25 x 25 sq ft in open area for maximum accuracy.
  • SSL encrypted communications via managed certs for all network communications
  • Different form factors are available for volume purchases (lead time applies).

Pure Tags Technical Specs

  • Supported Android 4.3+ system
  • Compatible with Apple iBeaconTM standard;
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth Low Energy® 4.0 devices.
  • Easy to get the real-time battery level notification.
  • CE & FCC Certification
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
Transmission Power Levels
  • 9 adjustable power levels.
  • Transmission power range: -40dBm to +4dBm.
  • 8 characters password (Lock/Unlock parameters).
Low power reminder
  • Led flashes every 10 seconds if the battery capacity is under 5%.
Connection Mode
  • Advertising mode, non-connectable;
  • Configuration mode, connectable.
Replaceable Battery and Battery Level
  • High quality replaceable CR2477 coin battery(1100mAh);
  • More than 5 years battery lifetime (at default settings 1/sec, 0 dBm);
  • Easy to get the real-time battery level notification.
  • Max Range 100 meters in the open space.

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